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Invisible Bead Extensions

Stylists who perform this method:

Melissa Goudeau

Cami Ezernack 

Lance Chouest

Jordan Toups

This method of hand-tied extensions was created for 3 reasons:

  • No damage to the client’s scalp

  •  no client discomfort 

  • the versatility and styling options the client has from day one of installation. 


The guest can pull their hair up into a high pony or bun directly after install. 


This is because the method is “not tight” and no beads will be exposed. 


When you lift a row of IBE up, you will never see beads – they’re hidden


With this method, you will get a completely new row every time you come to move up your rows.  IBE believes in fresh sectioning and beads at every appointment so that the same section of hair is not in the same beads for multiple months. 


Your hair will grow and be so healthy as you wear these, that one day you can lessen your amount of rows or wear none at all.  


Instagram handle to learn more - @invisiblebeadextensions


Natural Beaded Row extensions is a lightweight technique that offers a seamless blend between your natural hair and your extensions. 


The bead and string technique allows for maximum fullness on the sides of the head without the risk of showing when styled. 


NBR uses the fewest points of contact to achieve maximum fullness and length. 


There is little to no damage to the natural hair and allows your natural hair to improve over time while wearing NBR.

Instagram handle to learn more - @naturalbeadedrowextensions



Natural Beaded Row Extensions

Stylists who perform this method:

Jamie Istre


Habit Hand-tied

Stylists who perform this method:

Jordan Toups

 This method of hand-tied extensions has been around for a while.


 The method offers affordable move-ups, meaning the stylist will just have to move up your beads every few months. 


Every 2 move-ups of pushing up the beads (super quick appointments), the stylist will then do a total refresh of your rows. 


Your stylist will decide with you in your consult exactly how many rows you would require and you will leave feeling your absolute best with amazing hair.

Instagram handle to learn more - @habitextensionmethod

This method is similar to the Habit method in being able to have quick move up appointments. 


This method derived from right here in Louisiana – New Orleans! 


There are so many variations of rows and how many wefts you can have on a row. 


Your stylist will sit down with you and decide the right variation for you.

Instagram handle to learn more - @dopelengths


Stylists who perform this method:

Catherine Brignac


Stylists who perform this method:

Lance Chouest 

Lainey Eastin

This method has a hidden method (where beads don’t show when the row is lifted

up) and a non-hidden method (still very snug to the head, but there is not hair under the bead to hide the beads). 


These stylists were also trained and certified in this method (like the others were in theirs) and is safe and will have you feeling beautiful!

Instagram handle to learn more – @babe_hair

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Stylists who perform this service:

Michelle Domingue

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We are always looking for ways to make you beautiful.

Schedule a consult so my team of experts can help you better understand how to get the look you’ve always dreamed of with your hair type.

We will also go into great detail on how to keep your look thriving in between salon visits!

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