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Catherine Brignac

Owner / Stylist

Catherine is one of the co-owners of The Cut House Salon. She’s been in the industry for over 15 years and has always been a Paul Mitchell Focus Stylist. Challenges are her expertise – if there is a “complicated service” or a service that most stylists would shy away from, bring it to Cat – she’ll figure it out. Making someone see what their hair is capable of is what keeps her inspired. Some of her favorites are short styles, blonding, blowouts and redheads. Being able to be her true, honest self every day with every client and working on clients that trust her to make them feel their best is what makes her thrive in this industry. Cat is one of the most funnest, most dynamic, yet professional people in this business. If you’ve ever sat in her chair, you know that.

Fave product: PM Invisiblewear Cloud Whip – it’s a versatile product that can cater to all genders and hair types and builds a great foundation for every hairstyle. It brings that spicy/sexual finale with the hairstyle. To calm and ruffle your ends, this is what everyone needs in their bag of tricks.

Catherine Brignac
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